6 Tips to Prepare for Community Summit

Are you getting excited for Community Summit this month?!  We are and can’t wait to see you in-person!

We know it can be overwhelming to prepare for a conference of this magnitude, so we’ve compiled six tips to help you get the most out of your summit experience.

Let’s dive in and prepare to elevate your conference experience to new heights!

Tip #1: Strategize and set clear goals and expectations

Start off by setting realistic expectations. Conferences can become overwhelming, and attendees often spread themselves too thin between networking and sessions. A practical approach is to prioritize by creating a list of must-visit sponsors to connect with and choosing only sessions that align with your event goals.

Tip #2: Equip Yourself with Key Essentials

1. Come prepared to absorb a substantial amount of information and knowledge throughout the event. An open and receptive mindset is instrumental in fully capitalizing on the summit’s offerings.

2. Leave your work at the office. Active participation and attentiveness are key to maximizing your event experience, so minimize work commitments that week to allow yourself to fully engage and participate without distractions.

3. Bring business cards and be prepared to add others as new LinkedIn connections which you can do easily with their QR code feature.

Tip #3: Explore Summit Activities and Sessions Before Planning

1. The Expo Hall is the place to be to mingle with sponsors, vendors, and other attendees. And you won’t want to miss the Partner Solutions Showcases where you’ll get in-depth information about sponsor-specific products and offerings.

2. Make sure to learn about the different types of sessions offered at the event. Here’s a quick summary of each type of session:

  • New to Summit Sessions – User Group specific sessions designed to help you navigate the event.
  • General UG Sessions – User Group specific sessions that offer valuable information about the product line being covered, new features, effective use cases, and more.
  • Educational Sessions – Presented by customers and partners, they provide insights into various aspects of UG products and are categorized by ‘Product,’ ‘Track,’ and ‘Ability Level’ to simplify your selection process.
  • Women in Tech Session – Led by industry leaders, this session is aimed at inspiring working women to navigate the gender equality landscape in business and technology while embracing the concept of “failing forward.”

Tip #4: Plan your Schedule

Begin by reviewing the agenda and pick sessions that match your goals. One way to stay organized is by utilizing the session planner tool and the Community Summit app for updates. When deciding which booths to visit, make sure to do your research to understand what they offer and how relevant they are to your goals.

Tip #5: Enhance Your Networking Strategies

Attending an event where you don’t know anyone can be quite daunting, but fear not! We’ve got some ideas to help you prepare, so you can have meaningful and enjoyable discussions throughout the event.

1. Research attendees by visiting the event website and exploring the sponsors and speakers list, then locate them on LinkedIn. Pinpoint the key individuals you’d like to connect with and shoot them a brief message to confirm their attendance.

2. Come prepared with an elevator pitch about who you are, what your company does and what you’re looking for. In fast-paced environments, where first impressions matter, an effective elevator pitch helps you capture the attention of potential connections and spark their interest.

3. Take advantage of networking opportunities offered at the event, not just for work but for play too! Three main networking events include UG Welcome Reception, NASCAR Hall of Fame Reception, and PowerGP Online Party.

4. Stay organized by making notes about the people you meet for easy reference when you follow up.

Tip #6: Reflect and Follow Up

Make your hard work count! Don’t wait too long to get in touch with new connections. Give them a call or send a friendly message to let them know you’d like to keep the conversation going.

We hope you found these tips useful! And make sure to add us to the top of your booth visit list (we’re at #1015) to meet our expert DocLink team and explore how our solutions can simplify your business processes. We’re eager to connect with you and be a part of your summit journey!