Food & Beverage

Highly regulated industries require secure and easy-to-access document management

Volumes of raw material coming in and product moving out can make vendor processing a nightmare for your team but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Manage Compliance

    Securely store and retrieve certifications, sampling documentation, and FDA-required information.

  • Track Product and Raw Materials

    Monitor inventory by managing requisitions and shipping lists and scheduling automatic alerts for future needs.

  • Strengthen Vendor Relationships

    Take advantage of early pay discounts and make 100% on-time payments by shortening steps in your approval processes.

  • Prevent Certification Decay

    Configure 30-60-90 day reminders to notify of expiring product and personnel certifications.

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“Being able to quickly go in and review documents and look up information is the biggest win for us. DocLink’s easy integration with our ERP is another benefit and seamlesslys connect old documents with completed wire transfers and other payment methods.” Corinne Doherty, Ruth’s Hospitality Group

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    American Fruits and Flavors

    DocLink cut down AR time by 90% and allowed AFF to grow without adding staff.

  • Customer stories

    Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada eliminated the need for a file clerk during company growth and have increased efficiency.

  • Customer Stories

    Smart City

    What used to take 3-5 days for invoice approvals now takes just one. Smart City also saves $18,000/year in storage fees.

  • Customer Stories

    Pinsly Railroad

    5,000 invoices routed per year often ran into issues of going missing but after DocLink, Pinsly no longer had to worry.