Securely manage hundreds, thousands, and millions of documents daily with DocLink

Security is extremely important to you as is the ability to move through the many levels of authorization and approvals quickly.

  • Ensure Security and Confidentiality of Documents

    Limit what your users can see based on property values that you have configured such as department and seniority.

  • Expedite Approvals

    Give users the flexibility to digitally approve/reject from any device and schedule alerts and reminders for action items.

  • Centralize Communication

    No matter the number of locations your business has, every team member can have documents at their fingertips and not worry about delayed delivery periods.

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“It was easy to compare the ease of locating documents in the second half of the year via DocLink with the manual document retrieval from our filing cabinets. Our auditors were impressed with the ease of DocLink’s document search and retrieval features and look forward to working with it next year.” Becky Hanttula, Thornburg Companies

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    ICM Inc.

    Through DocLink, ICM was able to reduce AP staff count and switch out all physical filing cabinets for digital storage.

  • Customer stories

    Thornburg Investment Management

    Thornburg saves over $8,000/month by eliminating storage and streamlining AP

  • Customer stories

    Truliant Federal Credit Union

    Truliant went from paying 70% of their invoices on time to 99.9%, processing 1,000 invoices monthly with just one AP employee.

  • Customer stories

    Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Tech’s growth meant that they had to deal with 500 ACH remittances weekly and wall-to-wall off-site storage facilities. DocLink saved $11,000+ annually in postage alone.