Maintain HIPAA compliance while developing better patient and client service

Reduce stress from multiple levels of confidential patient and billing documentation while remaining compliant with HIPAA regulations.

  • Secure Confidential Information

    Grant access rights through user-based permissions to prevent visibility of confidential information to unauthorized parties.

  • Develop Better Customer Service

    Use configurable Smart Forms to gather patient/client information into one space and personalize the delivery of pertinent documents.

  • Ease Auditing

    Control the data auditors see during frequent reviews to give them access to the only information they need.

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“I didn’t realize how disorganized our filing system was until we got truly organized with Doclink.” NANCY DUNN, STA-HOME

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Ruth’s Hospitality Group

    Once DocLink was put in place, RHG reduced AP closing process time from several weeks to a few days.

  • Customer Stories

    Shumate Mechanical

    Shumate’s company initiative to “go green” freed up more than 500ft² of space previously used to store filed documents.

  • Customer stories

    Sta-Home Health & Hospice

    Sta-Home’s 39 remote locations resulted in 15,000+ HR documents monthly and $50,000+ annually in courier and storage fees. With DocLink, these are no longer an issue.