Smart Capture OCR

Simplify capturing your documents into DocLink with Smart Capture’s automatic, self-learning OCR capabilities.

Smart Capture’s deep learning algorithms are used to extract the data, allowing you to focus on training users rather than spending weeks/months configuring templates to process data. The result? Immediate value within days as DocLink learns on its own how to process your documents more efficiently.

  • Reduce Manual Intervention

    Reduce Manual Intervention

    Unassisted machine learning algorithms eliminate data entry by 60-90% by automatically extracting header, footer, and line-item-detail data elements to share with your ERP.

  • Automated Capture

    Automated Capture

    Digitally captures invoices the minute they arrive from any scanner, MFD, email or watched folder. Can capture semi-structured forms as well as structured and unstructured forms.

  • Automatic Document Sorting

    Automatic Document Sorting

    Streamlines document preparation without the need for separator sheets identifying page breaks. Also provides document classification to separate your invoices from supporting documents like PO’s, packing slips, BOL’s, etc.

  • Capture Any Document Type

    Capture Any Document Type

    • Invoices
    • Misc. Receipts
    • Customer POs
    • Check/Payment Remittances
    • I-9 Forms
    • Bills of Lading
    • CAD E-Size Drawings

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“We’re not waiting for the paper to come up here; it’s already in DocLink. We already see it, and you do not have to chase down paper. Everything is at your fingertips.” Jonathon Deich, Pinsly Railroad Company

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Citizen Potawatomi Nation

    Overseeing more than 29,000 enrolled tribal members and several businesses, the CPN maintains a very large presence easily with DocLink.

  • Customer stories

    Truliant Federal Credit Union

    Truliant went from paying 70% of their invoices on time to 99.9%, processing 1,000 invoices monthly with just one AP employee.

  • Customer Stories

    Smart City

    What used to take 3-5 days for invoice approvals now takes just one. Smart City also saves $18,000/year in storage fees.

  • Customer stories

    Wilson Transformer Company

    Wilson anticipated increasing capacity by 40% but implementing DocLink now allows their 21,000+ documents to be simultaneously accessed.