Facilities Management

Centralize document information and improve communication across multiple facilities with ease

Whether you have one or twenty locations across the world, communication companywide and a central area to access business-critical facilities information are key.

  • Account for Service Request Work

    Generate a service order or specific corrective action document using a DocLink Smart Form right when an operations issue arises. This data can then be referenced and added to as the job gets finished.

  • Maintain Timed Routine Procedures

    If your business has required procedures that must happen on a repeating basis, automate steps necessary to kick those into action.

  • Manage Multiple Content Pieces for Projects

    Projects can take on a variety of file types that all need to be associated to the same place. If your company is working on a buildout, DocLink grants visibility and accessibility to each project piece and expedites approvals.

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“Beyond Limits worked closely with our IT department to handle all connectivity issues and to complete the initial setup for all of our hotels. We save $40,000 in annual FedEx charges in inter-office use.” Nanci Pyles, Remington Hotels

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories


    Using DocLink, Explore! saves $20,000 annually on supplies and has freed up real estate from storage use.

  • Customer Stories

    Shumate Mechanical

    Shumate’s company initiative to “go green” freed up more than 500ft² of space previously used to store filed documents.

  • Customer stories

    Sta-Home Health & Hospice

    Sta-Home’s 39 remote locations resulted in 15,000+ HR documents monthly and $50,000+ annually in courier and storage fees. With DocLink, these are no longer an issue.

  • Customer Stories

    Smart City

    What used to take 3-5 days for invoice approvals now takes just one. Smart City also saves $18,000/year in storage fees.