Field Services

Your remote workers and office workers need access to your documents wherever they’re working

Give your team members the ability to execute job-specific processes whether they work remotely or in the office. Bring flexibility and accessibility to your staff no matter where they are.

  • Respond to Technician Requests with Documentation

    When a client needs a technician, your system can assign one while you discuss service-level agreement terms with the customer. Service orders can be routed to the technician and customer automatically and all follow-up documents retro-indexed to the case.

  • Accommodate Onsite Inventory Needs

    Using DocLink Mobile, field workers can photograph the parts that they need during an onsite call and upload that information directly. Another team member can view it immediately and place a purchase order.

  • Record Service Call Details

    In addition to technicians and timesheets, service calls need constant tracking of any and all information associated with the job. Confirm request details in DocLink, and add information about the call such as damages by uploading photos captured onsite.

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“Using DocLink in lieu of paper has resulted in a reduction of 23 days between the time work is performed in the field and when the accounting department mails its bill, a 45% reduction in time to bill.” Yvette Gitelman, Arista Air Conditioning Corporation

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Aspen Square Management – Disaster Preparedness

    When a F-5 tornado struck ASM headquarters, Accounting could have fallen into shambles but instead, there was barely an interruption in operations.

  • Customer stories

    ICM Inc.

    Through DocLink, ICM was able to reduce AP staff count and switch out all physical filing cabinets for digital storage.

  • Customer Stories

    Pinsly Railroad

    5,000 invoices routed per year often ran into issues of going missing but after DocLink, Pinsly no longer had to worry.

  • Customer stories

    Ruth’s Hospitality Group

    Once DocLink was put in place, RHG reduced AP closing process time from several weeks to a few days.