As a provider of contractors, technicians, and other service professionals, be accurate and accessible to your team

Tracking the projects and jobs your teams take on is critical to your ability to succeed.

  • Consolidate Information

    Keep account documents in one space for ease of access despite the number of projects and accounts open.

  • Manage Contracts

    Automatically push vendor contracts to approvers for review, monitor expiration dates, schedule alerts, and track account information.

  • Advance Remote Capabilities

    Equip staff with access to relevant account details during site visits and allow the capture of necessities in the field through Doclink Mobile.

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“With a payback of 14 months, the ROI was clear. The $150,000 savings were hard costs in expense and supplies; it was clear we needed the change.” Bret Mitchell, Central Parking Corporation

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Aspen Square Management

    Using DocLink, ASM eliminated a need for hiring more staff, saving approximately $100,000/year.

  • Customer stories

    Ruth’s Hospitality Group

    Once DocLink was put in place, RHG reduced AP closing process time from several weeks to a few days.

  • Customer stories

    Sta-Home Health & Hospice

    Sta-Home’s 39 remote locations resulted in 15,000+ HR documents monthly and $50,000+ annually in courier and storage fees. With DocLink, these are no longer an issue.

  • Customer stories

    Wilson Transformer Company

    Wilson anticipated increasing capacity by 40% but implementing DocLink now allows their 21,000+ documents to be simultaneously accessed.