Accounting & Finance

Get a better handle on day-to-day processes

Introduce your business to early pay discounts, shorter days sales outstanding (DSO), more responsible cash management, better control of approval processes, and much more.

  • Grant Self-Service Document Access

    Assign employees security permissions so they can only access documents they need. Documents are searchable on desktop or mobile, saving time otherwise spent searching through storage spaces and filing cabinets.

  • Improve Customer Service

    Gain better visibility into your clients’ invoice statuses while also giving them the ability to monitor their own outstanding payments. All checks coming in can be retro-indexed to the appropriate invoices so everything stays together.

  • Monitor Internal Spending

    Track your company’s spending to ensure teams stay on budget. Set the criteria and DocLink can alert you to any number of factors, including when a request is over-budget and what the remaining balance for the year is.

  • Simplify Auditing

    Give auditors access to documents and activity reports for review. Download relevant documents to share with your auditor or share data and simple search engine software for them to parse through all the documents themselves.

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“We were running about 70% of our invoices paid on time and the rest were late. Using DocLink, we are now paying at a 99.9% on-time rate.” Ruth Browder, Truliant Federal Credit Union

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Thornburg Investment Management

    Thornburg saves over $8,000/month by eliminating storage and streamlining AP

  • Customer stories

    Truliant Federal Credit Union

    Truliant went from paying 70% of their invoices on time to 99.9%, processing 1,000 invoices monthly with just one AP employee.

  • Customer stories

    Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Tech’s growth meant that they had to deal with 500 ACH remittances weekly and wall-to-wall off-site storage facilities. DocLink saved $11,000+ annually in postage alone.

  • Customer Stories

    Smart City

    What used to take 3-5 days for invoice approvals now takes just one. Smart City also saves $18,000/year in storage fees.