Leverage our world-class technology to ensure data security and disaster recovery

Introduce your team to greater productivity through configured automation and guarantee safeguards for document integrity and data loss prevention

  • Built on Up-to-Date Standards

    Don’t waste time managing the application – we keep DocLink up-to-date, secure, easy to troubleshoot and only in need of minimal support.

  • Disaster Recovery

    A strong disaster recovery plan is a necessity. Store documents and data digitally to mitigate loss.

  • Workflow Delegation

    Rely on workflow delegation to keep your business moving forward when a team member is out. Designate who the “next in line” staff member is that has the authority to approve a document for its next step.

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“When we purchased DocLink back in 2002, we created a long list of reasons why we needed to buy this solution. Surviving a Cat-3 tornado was NOT one of them but when it happened, many of our offices weren’t initially aware that we had this catastrophe. We supported our 100+ remote offices without any interruption in service.” Diane Beauregard, Aspen Square Management

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Tech’s growth meant that they had to deal with 500 ACH remittances weekly and wall-to-wall off-site storage facilities. DocLink saved $11,000+ annually in postage alone.

  • Customer stories

    ICM Inc.

    Through DocLink, ICM was able to reduce AP staff count and switch out all physical filing cabinets for digital storage.



    With more than 70 sites across 23 states, Remington easily saves more than $40,000 in annual FedEx charges alone because of DocLink.

  • Customer stories

    Truliant Federal Credit Union

    Truliant went from paying 70% of their invoices on time to 99.9%, processing 1,000 invoices monthly with just one AP employee.