Document Capture

Capture your documents no matter how they are created or received

Find the capture method that works best for your documents

  • Paper Files

    If you receive paper documents, scan them into DocLink first for safekeeping and faster processing.

    • Scan paper files in using DocLink’s scan software or any scanner/MFD that produces TIFs or PDFs.
    • If you’re away from the office, don’t run the risk of losing paper. Take a picture of the document and upload into DocLink using our mobile app.
  • Digital Files

    Many of your documents may already be digitized. DocLink can capture these files in a variety of ways:

    • Reports and formatted documents: DocLink’s powerful Enterprise Report Management (ERM) offering automatically captures and indexes documents and reports generated by your business systems. Simply ‘print’ the document to a printer driver monitored by DocLink and ERM does the rest.
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): OCR ‘reads’ the data on your documents and uses it for indexing and processing – increasing efficiency and reducing transaction processing costs.
    • Barcodes: Do you use barcodes in your business? Our Barcode module reads the barcode and uses the values to automatically index the document. No manual intervention necessary.
    • Email: If you have an email address set up to receive a particular type of document, Import Manager can be configured to monitor the email inbox and automatically import the contents into the repository.
    • XML Import: If you receive XML from your business partners, Import Manager uses the XML data to automatically create a document or index a related document into DocLink.
    • Mobile: If your files are on a mobile device, upload them straight into DocLink using the DocLink Mobile app. This is a great option for field services, remote team members, and frequent travelers.
    • Faxes: If you receive faxes, those digital images can be indexed into DocLink. FaxLink monitors the fax directory for new faxes, decollates the fax into individual pages, and moves them to a location where they can be indexed into DocLink.
  • When You're Creating The Document

    If you need to capture data from your users in order to generate a brand new document (like an expense report, sales order traveler or new supplier request), the Smart Form Toolkit allows you to standardize and control the process. Simply configure your own DocLink window with the proper data elements and validation rules.

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“The first thing we noticed was that Beyond Limits had a completely different philosophy regarding when to capture the image. With DocLink, we scan the invoice as soon as we open the mail and move it into a workflow. This way, the document never gets lost, misplaced, misfiled or routed incorrectly.” Deena Coston, Central Arkansas Water

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Thornburg Investment Management

    Thornburg saves over $8,000/month by eliminating storage and streamlining AP

  • Customer stories

    Wilson Transformer Company

    Wilson anticipated increasing capacity by 40% but implementing DocLink now allows their 21,000+ documents to be simultaneously accessed.

  • Customer stories

    ICM Inc.

    Through DocLink, ICM was able to reduce AP staff count and switch out all physical filing cabinets for digital storage.

  • Customer stories

    Citizen Potawatomi Nation

    Overseeing more than 29,000 enrolled tribal members and several businesses, the CPN maintains a very large presence easily with DocLink.