Smart Forms

Personalize DocLink to fit your processes and unique needs

The Smart Form Toolkit sets DocLink apart by allowing you to configure your own personalized DocLink UI for collecting data used to process and approve your documents, quickly see related documents, or to even generate new documents.

  • Expense Reports

    Capture receipts as soon as you receive them. Then use an Expense Report Smart Form to select your receipts and create your expense report. The expense reports are immediately captured into DocLink and, after coding and approval, the data can be imported directly into the ERP, eliminating errors and duplicated data entry.

  • Credit Card Statements

    A Credit Card Smart Form can import credit card CSV data and transform that data into individual statements for each cardholder. The statements are immediately indexed into DocLink and, after coding and approval, the transaction data can be imported directly into the ERP.

  • HR Onboarding

    The employee onboarding process has many steps and associated documents. Use a Smart Form to enter and track data and to quickly view and capture additional documentation for employee files.

  • New Vendor Requests

    When you need to have a new vendor setup in your ERP, use a Smart Form to generate the request which can be routed for approval and handling with related backup documents.

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“DocLink has created some unexpected operational efficiencies and oversight for us. We’re able to break down and understand business processes that we’ve never had any visibility into before.” Robert Crafton, Arista Air Conditioning Corporation

Customer Stories

  • Customer stories

    Aspen Square Management – Disaster Preparedness

    When a F-5 tornado struck ASM headquarters, Accounting could have fallen into shambles but instead, there was barely an interruption in operations.

  • Customer Stories

    Pinsly Railroad

    5,000 invoices routed per year often ran into issues of going missing but after DocLink, Pinsly no longer had to worry.

  • Customer stories

    Sta-Home Health & Hospice

    Sta-Home’s 39 remote locations resulted in 15,000+ HR documents monthly and $50,000+ annually in courier and storage fees. With DocLink, these are no longer an issue.

  • Customer stories

    Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada eliminated the need for a file clerk during company growth and have increased efficiency.