Altec Employees Win Coveted Academy Awards…for This Year’s Halloween Costumes!

Yesterday was BOO-tastic at Altec as we celebrated All Hallows’ Eve during our annual Halloween celebration.  This year’s theme was the Academy Awards, and our teams in Laguna Hills and Tacoma did not disappoint with some amazing costumes depicting various movies, actresses, and assorted movie-related ideas!

The two offices video-conferenced together to have a tasty lunch and then the Halloween parade began!  Entries ranged from Elliot and ET, Spartans/300 and Nicole Kidman, to Witches of Eastwick.  A fan favorite was Lori Corbino as the floor of a movie theater floor, covered in various trash you would find at your feet in any movie theater!

All the awesome entries made it difficult for the Academy judges, but the Oscars were presented to:

Scariest: Laila Ahmadi as Coco

Funniest: Kevin Dudevoir as Trump

Most Creative: Harrison Boles as DocLink (mashup of a ‘doc’ and ‘Linq’ from Tomb Raider)

Best Group: including Josephine Narma, Donna Gilio, Carolyn Harer, Marzila Marseilles, Aaron Tsai, Lauren Huynh, Sharreace Baldwin, Sari Gallagher as Crazy Rich Asians (mashup of print, accounting and marketing personnel)


People’s Choice Award: Crazy Rich Asians

Best Interpretation of Theme: John Claiborne, Henry Chian, Jessica Quintanilla as Jurassic Park

As always, Altec knows how to party at Halloween, can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!