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Altec Successfully Hosted Its First 2020 Customer Training Last Week

Altec officially kicked off its 2020 DocLink Advanced Administrator Training (AAT) series last week with a class full of DocLink power users!  Altec customer McKenney’s, headquartered in Atlanta, hosted the four-day intensive course, which provided customers with the tools they need to get the most out of DocLink.

Cathy Champlin, Customer Support Manager and John Claiborne, Senior Consultant, led the class, covering the many powerful facets of DocLink including ERM capture, import and output managers, auditing, security and workflow.  The class was also provided a detailed show and tell by McKenney’s Operations Manager Gary Cooper, who presented their use of DocLink and how they’ve expanded it over the years.

Lori Corbino, Altec’s Customer Success Manager was also on hand during the event, and had the opportunity to speak with customers about what they love about DocLink, as well as what they need and want from the solution moving forward.  As always, the intimate, personal classroom setting offered an excellent opportunity for customers to interact with each other, discuss the pain points they are each working through, and ways DocLink has helped them. 

But it wasn’t just all work as the group had some fun Monday night with cocktails and a bison dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill!

Corbino stated, “This was a really interesting mix of customers.  David Krause from EB Mawson & Sons in Australia definitely wins the award for the DocLink customer to travel the furthest to attend class!  The group also included several new DocLink users from longtime customers, representatives from companies who recently upgraded, and others that were adding projects and expanding their use of DocLink to other functions, including OCR.  We love hearing about how our customers are using DocLink – one attendee used our Smart Form Toolkit to create automation for their HR suggestion box which is really cool!  It was definitely a great kickoff to our 2020 AAT series.”

If you’re a customer or partner and want to expand your DocLink knowledge, be sure to join us for one of our future sessions:

April 20-23 – Bellevue, WA

July 13-16 – Atlanta, GA

Sept 14-17 – Dallas, TX

Nov 9-12 – Irvine, CA

Also, if you’re a customer who would like us to host an upcoming AAT event, it’s a great opportunity to meet with other DocLink users.  Most customers who attend an AAT class find that meeting with, and networking with other DocLink users, is one of the highlights of the week.  So contact us if you are interested!