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Attend #doclinkEvolution and Satisfy Your 2016 Resolutions

Most resolutions each New Year have to do with change – and many can be fulfilled by attending Evolution 2016! Altec’s inaugural customer conference, which takes place from February 29th through March 3rd this year, also celebrates change: the evolution of our customers’ businesses; of DocLink as it meets our users’ and resellers’ needs and of Altec as we focus on providing the best solution and experience to all we work with.

Let’s look at some common resolutions and at how Evolution 2016 can satisfy them in the workplace:

  1. Improve Finances: Most people want to spend less and save more. Evolution 2016 will feature multiple sessions on Smart Forms such as “Smart Forms – What Are They?” and “Building Custom Smart Forms – Ideas to Eliminate Paper Forms and Data Validation.” These configurable DocLink windows can create, index, retrieve and move documents to solve any business problem. Use Smart Forms for your expenses instead of printing an expense report and save your company money.
  1. Get Organized: Many vow to stop procrastinating in an effort to eliminate stress. Evolution 2016 will host countless sessions on ways to organize and expedite business processes. “Set Up Customer Alerts with Template Manager” will teach how to create custom email alerts used with workflow approvals and utilize templates to customize the look and feel of Output Manager emails. “Best Practices for AP Automation Using Data Manager” will show you how the automation of document routing using business rules will lessen manual processes. Your coworkers won’t be able to procrastinate when it comes to approving an invoice which will do away with those stressful last minute time crunches!
  1. Make Time: Whether it’s their resolution or not, most people agree that they should make time to be with family and friends, to exercise or to start a new hobby. With DocLink Mobile, you and your coworkers will gain time in your work days. Session “Is Mobile Right for Your Team?” examines how DocLink Mobile saves both time and money.

With four days of expert-led sessions and invaluable Altec resources, attendees of Evolution 2016 will leave with the knowledge to increase efficiency within their companies, allowing their organizations to improve finances, get organized and make better use of employees’ time!

To learn more about #doclinkEvolution, visit the interactive event website here: or email We hope to see you next year in beautiful Newport Beach!