AE Smith

Previous investments into paperless solutions in the past never yielded AE Smith 100% of their functionality goals. However, with DocLink, they realized their ROI within a year.


AE Smith was no stranger to paperless solutions and faced many challenges as their processing points were not fully integrated into their main ERP system WennSoft. Prior to DocLink, they acquired a paperless Accounts Payable solution that was only partially implemented in one business unit and overall not well-integrated with their ERP.

Additionally, support for the product was poor due to company ownership changes with the software vendor. Because there were still issues of features not being fully integrated to the ERP system, the paperless process with this solution was still a problem. AE Smith decided that another solution had to be found that would be both well-supported and able to be completely integrated into WennSoft.

“With a payback of less than a year with DocLink, I wish our other investments had this type of return.”



AE Smith looked at several solutions but lack of seamless integration, unnecessary complexity, and even price made Altec a main contender for their next paperless solution. One of the tipping points for DocLink came in the form of an ERP partner recommendation – they were “instrumental in providing access to the right people and arranging demonstrations and speaking with other users of the product” before a decision was reached. The actual implementation of DocLink finished without an issue, and Altec provided a consultant on site for a full week to ensure training went smoothly. Ross Cochrane, General Manager of Finance, commends that “the follow-up support has been excellent.”

Because of this increased efficiency, AE Smith will be exploring beyond basic AP processes by attaching other documents in emails to customers that are pertinent to invoices and enhancing the customer experience. With an eye to the future, AE Smith foresees using DocLink for more functions such as approval processes for GL entries.


It did not take long for AE Smith to see important improvements in their processes. Finding information is much quicker and more organized now than before. Because of the seamless integration with WennSoft, the solution allows for users in the ERP system to easily retrieve invoices for all of the transactions they view and need to use. Filing paper is nearly obsolete, saving time and money. One key feature was their ability to view an electronic record through both the ERP and DocLink for integrated visibility.

AE Smith has lauded the entire DocLink team from their sales director who answered every query promptly in great detail to the consultants’ availability for technical support. This was important as Altec has no local support in Australia for the solution; however, AE Smith claims that they receive better support for DocLink than some local providers give for software already in use. With strong technical support and being a product that is regularly updated, DocLink delivers value for the money.