Truliant Federal Credit Union

Truliant went from paying 70% of their invoices on time to 99.9%, processing 1,000 invoices monthly with just one AP employee.


paid invoice on-time rate


branches implemented with DocLink


extra staff needed


  • Accounting data linked to images via DocLink
  • Centralized payables process
  • All paper and documents moved to digital storage


  • Greater visibility and control
  • 0 extra staff needed
  • 30% increase in invoices paid on time


Ruth Browder, Accounting Manager, was excited about the company’s purchase of their financial system and the improvement it would bring to her department. She didn’t expect the other opportunities that a relationship with Epicor would offer her. Truliant was having a great deal of difficulty managing their AP process in a manner that would allow them to pay their vendors in a timely fashion. “Finance was unable to control the time it took to process vendor invoices. Invoices were going directly to our branch offices, and many times when the finance department did receive the invoices from the field, the bill was already late,” said Browder.

“Our company continues to grow but we have not needed to add staff because of DocLink.”



One of the opportunities with Epicor was a way to go paperless in Finance using DocLink. “Our company continues to grow but we have not needed to add staff to the department because of DocLink,” stated Browder.

Upon identifying Truliant’s problems, Epicor immediately recommended DocLink. “DocLink’s proven integration to our Epicor Enterprise accounting system was critical to our decision making process. We wanted to link our accounting data to these images without any additional effort. DocLink came highly recommended and was the obvious choice,” said Browder. Truliant recognized the benefits of a centralized payables process and implemented DocLink to achieve their goal of greater visibility and control.

Truliant now captures images of all invoices and checks and links them together through DocLink’s integration. “We’ve given our 24 branch offices access to DocLink. When branch managers have questions, they no longer call our department. They get the answers that they need when they need it,” shared Browder. During implementation, AP learned that DocLink could also handle automated EFT payments and now scans all paper invoices to distribute via email for approval. When complete, the invoices are dropped into a queue for further processing and payment. “The one thing that we absolutely loved was online approval,” said Drye, “and being able to set documents in appropriate queues with the click of a button. We no longer worry about documents languishing on approvers’ desks.”


“We were running about 70% of our invoices paid on time and the rest were late. Using DocLink, we are now paying at a 99.9% on-time rate,” said Browder. Truliant is also processing 900 invoices per month with a single AP staff member.

In addition to improving vendor relationships, Truliant has also improved internal relationships. “We have started doing our employee expense vouchers through Epicor ACH and DocLink. The employees love it because they get their expense money reimbursed quickly – half the time it used to be late,” said Browder.

“We are all about saving money and becoming more efficient in Accounting in every way we possibly can. Epicor and DocLink are so complementary to each other. As we continue to emphasize efficiency in all facets of our operation, DocLink has proved to be a lifesaver. We’ve been able to save time and money while increasing productivity by utilizing features that before were unavailable to us. We now rely on DocLink as a vital organization tool,” stated Browder.