Tyler Technologies

Tyler Tech’s growth meant that they had to deal with 500 ACH remittances weekly and wall-to-wall off-site storage facilities. DocLink saved $11,000+ annually in postage alone.


saved annually


hours saved yearly from a single feature


employees using DocLink from AP to AR


  • Output, Data, and Event Manager used to implement rules and notifications for documents waiting approval
  • Physical paper loads diminished
  • Properly indexing documents for easy retrieval


  • Approval processes simplified and less time consuming
  • Money saved from auditing and postage
  • Less stress and time used during audits when searching for documents


Due to constant growth and success over the past decade, Tyler needed to streamline its AP process. 400-500 ACH remittances were needlessly physically mailed weekly. With 2,400+ employees, there was constant chasing of managers for approvals which wasted valuable time and resources. Chris Peterson, Senior Applications Administrator, noted that documents would route to three or four different approvers and often get lost. There was also the problem of storage – on site, a 15’x4’ closet was filled wall-to-wall while off-site, years of AP documents were being kept. Eventually, Tyler realized that they needed to increase usability and business efficiency. Between the high expense of printing and postage, and the amount of time wasted through slow approvals and manual processing, something had to be done.

“Our employees don't have to spend time stuffing remittances in envelopes. That time savings is at least an hour each week.”



There was too much physical paper to manage. Tyler needed to find a way to increase ease of use. Their ERP representative recommended DocLink which was already integrated into Epicor and featured all they needed. The company uses Output Manager for their day-to-day business functions but also takes advantage of what Data Manager and Event Manager have to offer. Those modules were installed once Tyler realized how much they needed those capabilities to achieve company goals. The rules and notifications allowed employees to send out reminders about documents awaiting approval, notifications of new vendors being set up in the system, and events when ACH remittances are sent.

Tyler has also expanded to AP 1099 capture which allows them to bypass tedious red tape processes that delay retrieval of archived 1099 forms. Most recently, they have used DocLink to include supporting documents when invoices are sent out, consolidating steps usually taken during this process. A GL Journey Entry Approval Workflow and a GL Reconciliation Approval Workflow for monthly balance sheet reconciliations have also gone live.


A preliminary cost-benefit analysis of just Output Manager showed an estimated savings for ACH remittances of $550 per month in postage alone, based on $.42 per stamp. Peterson stated, “I would say we save about $11,000 a year in postage alone using DocLink. I estimate that time savings is at least 30 minutes to an hour each week.” The hours saved from menial tasks are re-appropriated to other duties, increasing productivity.

Accountants are experiencing time-savings as well during audits; documents are easy to retrieve because they have been properly indexed. Accountants no longer have to worry about email support, rifling through cabinets or re-filing what was pulled. With the quickness of this process, Tyler has also saved money with auditor interactions because “it’s less time the Auditors can bill us for.” DocLInk is an integral part of operations, used by 84 members between AP and AR and viewed by many more. The company plans on expanding usage to include workflow creation, contract management, mobile, and better ERP integration utilization by using the AP Matching Entry Screen and DocLink AP Distribution Stamp.