Wilson Transformer Company

Wilson anticipated increasing capacity by 40% but implementing DocLink now allows their 21,000+ documents to be simultaneously accessed.


documents accessed with ease


elimination of paper storage costs


departments using DocLink


  • Streamlined supply invoice, remittance to buy, and purchase order processes
  • Paper replaced digitally
  • Approval processes migrated through DocLink


  • Less time spent looking for misplaced documents
  • Money saved from elimination of paper storage costs
  • Accounting resources able to focus attention on other areas of the company


Anticipating the need for 40% increase in capacity as part of a $50 million expansion plan, leaders at Wilson Transformer Company needed cutting-edge and innovative solutions to support their growing company. Because they were already expending a significant amount of time processing paperwork, managers at Wilson Transformer Company wanted to integrate a new document management handling system to ensure they could handle increased volumes.

“Because there are a lot of control and compliance issues that we need to administer, DocLink greatly improves the efficiency of document processing.”



After learning about DocLink at an Epicor/COGITA conference, Wilson Transformer Company chose the solution because it had integration with Epicor Vantage and was a great price for the value.

As a result, they started using DocLink and have streamlined their supply invoice, remittance to buy, and purchase order processes. Their staff of 45 people can now simultaneously access the estimated 21,000 documents that are in their system with ease.

Their plan is to expand DocLink into three additional departments which will result in a more streamlined approach to document review and approval processes; they will also gain additional cost savings through elimination of paper storage costs. Wilson Transformer Company has been especially impressed with the easy access to important files that DocLink enables.


“Being able to retrieve documents and review relevant information all on one screen is a tremendous resource – it enables the company to provide accurate and timely responses to suppliers, vendors and customers,” said Loh Siew, Financial Controller. “From a finance perspective, because there are a lot of control and compliance issues that we have to look at – that’s where I think DocLink will shine for us.”

By providing key personnel with the capacity to review and retrieve data instantaneously, Wilson Transformer Company is now able to eliminate the possibility of misplacing paperwork which used to cost them to up to two weeks in valuable processing time. With Finance working more efficiently, important Accounting resources are now able to focus their attention on other areas of company growth and development. Overall, Wilson Transformer Company says that using DocLink helps them retain their cutting edge in the many markets that they serve while maximizing their potential for continued success in technology, safety, systems, product quality, delivery, and performance.