Celebrate the Year of the Ox – Be Determined, Diligent, and Dependable!

Today begins Lunar New Year, the beginning of a calendar year for the countries whose months are cycles of the moon. China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Singapore are a few of the many Asian countries who celebrate Lunar New Year!

The start of the Lunar New Year represents the start of the new zodiac year, where 1 out of 12 animals are assigned every year in rotation. This zodiac year is the year of the Metal Ox representing those who were born in 2021 and before in 12-year intervals (2009, 1997, 1985, and so on).

Oxes are known to be diligent, dependable, and determined, all important attributes for a successful business. How can YOU celebrate Lunar New Year in the workplace? Exert the traits of the Metal Ox this year and go paperless with DocLink.


Diligence in the workplace is a must. However, factors such as frustration or stress can greatly impact even the most diligent worker. If you’re constantly struggling to find and access documents or frustrated with invoice approvals getting lost, DocLink is the solution for you.  Start your new year with DocLink and you can:

  • Access the data you need instantaneously, on any device
  • Reduce human errors by automating processes instead of manual data entry
  • Manage and track the lifecycle of document approvals

If you’re constantly struggling to find and access documents or frustrated with how long invoice approvals take, DocLink is the solution for you.


Once DocLink is implemented, you’ll understand how dependable both the software and our support are. Our highly trained specialists are there for you through implementation and support cases to solve any issues or questions as they occur at any time. Not only do we offer 24/7 support, we also provide monthly webinars, classroom courses, web-based training, and more.

Dependability is also key when your work environment shifts – as we found out in 2020.  With DocLink, you no longer have to worry about these kinds of fire drills. You’ll be able to continue to do your work from anywhere because DocLink enables you to access the data and documents you need, whether you are working in the office or remote, using desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile device. Our customer success story about Pinder’s Custom Brokerage is a perfect example of how DocLink enabled them to seamlessly shift to a remote workforce during the pandemic.


This Lunar New Year, be determined to reach your business goals. Do you want to go paperless, avoid late payments fees, streamline approval times, and increase staff efficiencies? DocLink can help. 

Setting these goals will not only motivate your business, but also encourage a positive workplace environment.

And if you’re determined to be successful, let DocLink help you go paperless in ANY department in your company with these key features:

  • Document Management
  • Workflow & Document Processing
  • Document Capture
  • Automated Delivery
  • Web & Mobile Access

Celebrate the Year of the Metal Ox by making that leap toward a positive work environment. Contact us  today or read more of our customer success stories to learn how and why you should make a digital transformation.