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Damuth Trane Experienced Zero Lapse of Work During Pandemic as Employees Seamlessly Shifted to Working Remotely with DocLink

Most companies have plans for business continuity when a disaster hits, and the pandemic certainly put that to the test. Businesses struggled to keep their employees safe, and send them home while scrambling to provide them with the tools they needed to continue getting work done and keep business running.

But that was not the case for Damuth Trane. The company implemented DocLink back in 2009 and the solution has allowed them to go paperless and automate processes in accounting and finance, human resources and operations. In fact, the company experienced ROI for DocLink in less than 4 months.

When work-from-home orders were given during the pandemic, DocLink played a crucial role for the company. Invoice processing, workflows, job approvals and more were able to continue seamlessly with almost all of their 110 office employees working from home.

Bill Mitchell, CFO has commented that the company hasn’t missed a beat during COVID. “It’s been pretty amazing, we haven’t had any bumps in the road. Everyone has a laptop, and with our VPN and multi-factor authentication in place, combined with DocLink and MobileTec, many employees have worked remotely for some time so it’s really no different from a functionality standpoint with everyone working at home. Everyone’s completing their workflows and expense reports are done as normal. There was really no difference for us. We’re just as efficient as ever.”

Make sure to read Damuth Trane’s full success story to learn about all the processes they’ve been able to streamline and automate with DocLink.

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