DocLink for AP & Beyond: How DocLink Can Help You Manage Everything in HR

When you work in HR, your thoughts in the fall aren’t consumed by the holidays, but instead by the incredibly difficult process you have to tackle every year at this time – open enrollment. It’s easily an HR person’s top 5 difficult projects to complete every year.

But it’s not the only one. HR struggles year-round with so many documents, from onboarding new employees, to managing various certifications, and so on. So let’s take a deep-dive into how DocLink can help this department manage employees from hire to retire.  

Companies typically implement DocLink in AP first because it’s the department that handles the most paper. AP can also offer the most tangible and obvious ROI. But HR isn’t far behind in that respect with all the employee materials they have to maintain, from resumes, job applications and W-4s to certifications, benefits, employee reviews and more. Customers that have implemented DocLink for HR have experienced a myriad of benefits that have allowed them to do more for their employees without having to overburden current staff or add anyone additional, including:

Accessibility to Documents – How much time does your HR team spend looking for specific documents or fulfilling information requests for employees and management? With DocLink, your HR and management teams have instant access to all employee files and can troubleshoot instantaneously. And one of the best benefits is that DocLink enables you to provide self-service access for your employees, who can access their documents and take ownership of their HR needs online.

Better Security of Employee Documents – Security is a concern with any electronic records. Databases housed at headquarters can be hacked externally, and within the company you need to make sure employers don’t inadvertently gain access to documents they shouldn’t see. With DocLink, all your employee information is digital and in one place for easy access, which makes for easy backups on- or off-site. Going digital also means that reports can be created quickly. Stringent rules can be put in place to allow for secure file sharing and controlled access to documents by using:

  • Segmented access rules
  • Effective passwords
  • Clear users’ access rights
  • Encryption of sensitive data

Also, with the ability to segment access rights, you can grant your employees self-service access to their documents, thereby saving significant time answering questions and increasing employee satisfaction.

Streamlined Onboarding/Termination Process – An HR department’s paper processes can be tedious and time consuming. With DocLink, entry and indexing of personnel files can be automated. Online forms can be used to capture employee information and digital signatures can be used to authenticate during the onboarding process. New hires can review, complete and legally sign all onboarding paperwork online before their first day on the job, streamlining HR and reducing stress on new employees. Completed onboarding packets can be routed to any number of parties like Payroll and Hiring Managers, regardless of where they work. Once approved, all onboarding documents are electronically stored in the employee’s folder. Best of all, DocLink makes auditing of employee documents and HIPAA compliance easy. By removing pen and paper roadblocks, DocLink allows HR to stop generating paper and operate smoother than ever.

Automated Delivery of Employee Documents – Go from physically delivering paperwork to completing most HR tasks online with automated filing and recording services. With DocLink, your team no longer has to spend a large amount of time physically filing, recording and sending forms, and employees can easily fill out and sign forms, acknowledge company policies, and maintain access to all of their documents all electronically. DocLink significantly reduces errors and frees up time to improve the bottom line of your business.

HR Compliance & Labor Audits – Can you imagine no longer having to spend days or weeks preparing for an audit? With DocLink, all your documents are easily tracked with an audit trail and are available for immediate download and sharing with auditors, including:

  • Personnel records and application materials
  • Medical records
  • EEO-1 Forms
  • Payroll documents
  • OSHA records
  • I-9 Forms
  • Employee benefits documents

As you can see, DocLink has the unique ability to help companies simplify document management in HR, and many of our customers experience great success by using DocLink in this area of their business. If you want to read more about how our customers utilize DocLink for HR, check out our case study on Sta-Home Health & Hospice. And contact us if you’d like to hear more about how DocLink can help your HR department streamline processes too!