DocLink Implementation Can be Done From ANYWHERE

Over the last few months, it’s become VERY apparent to companies everywhere that they need a way for their workforce to work remotely at the flip of a switch. Office workers are still working from home, and companies are struggling to operate because their documents and files are still paper-based. This means basic business tasks, such as AP invoice processing, have become even more difficult with everyone dispersed working from home.

And it’s not about to end. Even though the world is starting to open up, things won’t be the same for…well who knows how long. So what can you do NOW to ensure your company can maintain business operations in AP, AR, HR, contracts, etc. while you’re all still working from home?

If your company has been struggling to access your critical business data remotely, DocLink may be the solution for you. Remote access is an inherent capability of DocLink. Eliminating paper and digitally storing all your documents is the first step, but DocLink does so much more by automating workflows and streamlining all your vital document processes. DocLink offers limitless visibility and control, allowing you to manage all your documents, data, and processes effortlessly – from anywhere.

Most importantly, if you’ve been considering DocLink, you don’t have to wait to implement! According to our Director of Professional Services, Jessica Quintanilla, 100% of DocLink implementation projects can be done completely remote. And almost ALL projects, 99%, are configured remotely.

Jessica stated, “Pre-Covid, most on-site work we typically did was training. But being on-site isn’t necessary as we can remote access their servers and host WebEx sessions to train them using their own configuration. We haven’t experienced any difference in implementation duration being remote vs. in-person. Overall, we have successfully managed customers’ entire projects remotely for years, from planning through training, as if we were physically there.”

During Covid-19, current customers have reached out to share with us how they’ve successfully transitioned to a remote workforce overnight because they’re using DocLink, including:

Customs Brokerage – “Having everyone work remotely has been barely a blip on our workflow, we’ve been able to continue moving shipments through our business really easily.”

Property Management Firm – “Having DocLink during the COVID crisis has been a God send. Our whole accounting department was able to work from home without any setbacks.”

Behavioral Health Organization – “DocLink has been instrumental in keeping our accounts payable department moving efficiently through this crisis.”

If you want to start automating and streamlining your business processes, Jessica points out that, “there’s really no reason for companies to delay making a decision and implementing DocLink today. We are thoroughly prepared and able to get companies up and running on DocLink, regardless of where we’re all working.”

Join us for our next webinar on June 17th, AP Automation Made Easy, to get an overview of what DocLink can do for you. You can also contact us today to get started with DocLink!