Don’t Let Work Get in the Way of Your Holiday Plans!

Labor Day always marks the official end of summer, and we hope everyone had an amazing long Labor Day weekend taking a quick 3-day trip, BBQ’ing, spending time at the beach or pool, or other fun-in-the-sun activities.

But Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada was still a work day for most of the rest of the world, so it’s highly likely that you received emails requiring your immediate attention.  Having to step away from fun on your days off can be a total bummer, no one wants to be locked inside taking care of business…do you?

That’s why DocLink is the solution for you!  A paperless office can provide immense freedom since all your documents are no longer physically trapped in the office, in filing cabinets or on someone else’s desk.

And with DocLink Mobile, your team can access, approve and capture documents no matter where they are.  For example, if you’re in the approval chain for invoices, expense reports, contracts and the like, you can keep the process moving from your mobile phone or tablet.  Review supporting documents, apply notes and send the document on to the next status while sipping a cocktail at the pool, hiking, or during a BBQ with friends.

So don’t miss out on anything during your next days off.  Contact Altec here to learn more about how to go paperless and give your company the opportunity to be effective from anywhere.