Educate Yourself – How to Make a Digital Transformation

It’s the time of year when children go back to school, and soon they will be fully immersed in learning amazing new things for their future.

Now’s a great time for you and your company to start making plans for next year…it’s a time for reflection about what’s going well and what’s not, and trying to figure out ways to improve your business practices to be more competitive in your marketplace.

In 2018, TechAisle identified the top 10 business issues small and medium-sized business faced, and the top 3 were:

  1. Reducing Operational Costs
  2. Improving Workforce Productivity
  3. Improving Quality of Products and Processes

In reflection, has your company been able to move the needle on these this year to better serve your customers?  If you’re continuing to grapple with how to be more effective and efficient in your business, it’s time to consider learning about, and making, a digital transformation your top priority for 2019.

It’s the buzz phrase on everyone’s lips these days, and can sound daunting and impossible.  But at Altec, we believe it can be done, and that it’s all about connecting your people, processes and data to give you a competitive advantage.  Our document management solution DocLink helps you achieve this!

DocLink helps you take everything digital by first enabling you to go paperless in every department!  But digital transformation goes far beyond that, and that’s where DocLink can help with that too!  It’s about:

  • Getting the right content to the right people at the right time.
  • Automating everyday processes in every department.
  • Unshackling you from the roadblocks that keep you from getting your job done!

So how can you put DocLink to work?  With DocLink:

  • Any purchasing and AP processes can be streamlined, from 3-way matching and approvals all the way through to payment.
  • Anything that requires a signature for approval – expense reports, sales orders, contracts – DocLink can automatically route them to the right people.
  • Any documentation that must travel with a customer order – purchase order, instructions, invoice – DocLink can automatically distribute.
  • Anything that customers, partners or employees need – invoices, HR/benefits information – DocLink can provide access directly in a self-service manner.

And all of this can be done on any device, anywhere in the world!  People, processes and data are all connected.  And your customers are happier.  That’s true digital transformation!

So take a cue from today’s kids and head back to school to learn more about how you can take everything digital.  We’re here to help you do more with less by unleashing your data so you’re free to take it wherever you want, and as far as you want!  Contact us for more information or a demo!