Get Paid Faster and Increase Customer Satisfaction by Automating Your Sales Order Processing

Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of your company’s success, and getting your company’s products and services into your customer’s hands quickly and seamlessly is crucial. Sales order processing plays a pivotal role in customer satisfaction, and human inefficiency and errors can hurt your company’s performance.

The key to happy customers is optimizing the time this entire process takes. Most commonly used by manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and suppliers, sales orders allow companies to keep track of the orders they fulfill along with proof of delivery and AR invoicing. But the entire process involves much more than just a single document. Moving all related documents through the process MANUALLY and ON PAPER can drag the process to a halt with just one lost document. And having to manually access and manage all these documents can hinder performance as well.

That’s where DocLink comes into play. You probably know about DocLink’s ability to help companies go paperless and automate processes in AP. But unlike other AP automation solutions, DocLink can uniquely automate and streamline ANY process in ANY department, including sales orders. DocLink helps companies expedite orders and get invoices out quickly which means you get paid faster.

First and foremost, DocLink stores and links all related sales documents, including quotes, client POs, contracts, signed pick tickets, signed delivery tickets, invoices, payment remittances and more so they can be accessed and tracked by relevant personnel. Furthermore, all these documents can be accessible directly within your ERP. No more trying to hunt down important documents and delaying customer deliveries. Everyone has what they need at their fingertips in order to efficiently complete each task.

But DocLink’s capability to help you eliminate paper with its digital document repository is just the beginning. DocLink also helps you capture and track all your documents from quotes to payments, as well as automate every aspect of your sales order process including:

  • Quote Automated Email Delivery – Automatically store and email the quote to clients
  • Sales Order Auto- Creation – Client PO/order information can automatically be captured from email/E-Fax, read and validated against the quote.   DocLink pushes the order data information to your ERP to auto-create the sales order.
  • Order Acknowledgement – Can automatically be emailed to clients
  • Sales Order Notification and Tracking – Sales orders can automatically be captured into DocLink, workflow automatically alerts necessary personnel, including fulfillment, of the order.  
  • Signed Pick Ticket – Once the barcoded pick tickets have been fulfilled, noted and signed, they can be batch scanned and automatically stored in DocLink.
  • Signed Work Order/Delivery Ticket Handling – Once the order has been accepted, the signed work order/delivery ticketcan be captured via DocLink Mobile app. The ticket is uploaded to DocLink and workflow notifies AR to invoice.  
  • AR Invoice Auto-Distribution –AR invoices can automatically be stored into DocLink, linking it to the order files and  auto emailing to the client.
  • Sending Supplemental Docs – Many clients require other documents (i.e. signed PO, signed delivery ticket, quality assurance doc) accompany the AR invoice. DocLink can automatically attached the supplemental documents with the AR invoice and send everything together digitally.
  • Self-Service Customer Portal – With DocLink Web, clients can check on the status of their orders and access documents related to their orders 24/7.

Not only does DocLink allow your teams to be more efficient, but also have the flexibility to work remotely on any device. Many of our customers have been able to continue business as usual and seamlessly transition to fully work from home during the pandemic.

The benefits of implementing DocLink for sales order processing can be immense. Going paperless, and creating automated workflows significantly reduces data entry and minimizes costly human errors. Everyone involved in the process is more productive, customers receive their orders in a timely manner and your company is able to capture that revenue quicker. Ultimately, your customers are happy and that always improves your bottom line.

If you’re having problems managing your sales order process, it’s time for you to consider implementing DocLink. Contact us today for more information about how DocLink can help.