Halloween was a Real TREAT for Altec

Ghostly greetings from the gang at Altec!  We had a SPOOKtacular time celebrating All Hallows’ Eve today; this year’s theme was “The 80’s” representing Altec’s beginning in 1985.

Halloween has always been an important day for the company.  Co-founder Mark Tague loved to celebrate with great food, costumes and fun, and we continue his tradition of putting on a FRANKENastic celebration for the team.

Everyone parked their brooms at the door in both Laguna Hills and Tacoma, stopped in for a spell and shared a trick or treat from the cauldrons.

Video party between Laguna Hills and Tacoma

Then it was time for the costume monster mash. The winners of the annual costume contest were happy as witches in a broom factory to win the following awards:

Scariest: Scott Hall (zipper face)

Funniest: John Claiborne (Hulk Hogan in the red)

Most Creative: Linda Turner (Take Down the Berlin Wall)

Best Group: Print Group (Ghostbusters)

Best Theme Interpretation: Melissa Mears (Totally 80’s Girl)

Only 365 more days until the next ghostly gathering at Altec, stay tuned!