Hoagies, Cream-filled Donuts and Document Management – What Do They Have in Common?

It’s both National Eat a Hoagie Day and Cream-Filled Donut Day today, which means forget about your diet and go celebrate!  After gorging yourself on these amazing delights, you’ll most likely recycle the paper your sandwich and the box your donut came in, right?  Recycling trash has become somewhat of a norm for many of us – according to research from 2013, Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash, and recycled and composted about 87 million tons of this material, equivalent to a 34.3% recycling rate.

When it comes to paper, 28% of what we recycle is paper, more than anything else Americans throw away.  The average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper (20 reams) every year.  So why are we so conscientious in our personal lives to recycle, but paper is still so depended on in corporations?

The fact is that companies don’t need to create or keep all that paper.  In today’s electronic world, all paper documents can be kept in a digitized format.  A four-drawer filing cabinet costs about $25,000 to fill and $2,000 per year to maintain.  Not only is it costly to purchase/print/store/recycle all that paper, but finding documents when you need them can be time-consuming and a hindrance in customer response times and satisfaction.

That’s why companies implement DocLink, Altec’s document management solution that provides a real, demonstrable return-on-investment.  DocLink eliminates filing cabinets and warehouses full of paper, streamlining business workflows, improving security and maintaining compliance while also making it easier to capture and access your important business information.

When an Altec customer first implements DocLink, they see immediate results in the efficiency of their business operations – handling paper becomes a thing of the past, workflow drives approvals move much more quickly through their system, and less time is spent on managing information and paper. Customers enjoy an immediate ROI with DocLink, which streamlines their business processes, improving efficiencies and reducing costs that, ultimately, allow them to better serve their customers, employees, and vendors.

So don’t just recycle your hoagie and donut box, consider going paperless in your business.  Check out success stories about how Tyler Technologies, Remington and other Altec customers went paperless.  And contact Altec to find out how we can help you digitally transform your business.