May the 4th Be With Your Business

Today is National Star Wars Day, and from lightsabers to baby Yodas, Star Wars is one of the greatest classics and narratives in the galaxy. This day usually would consist of fans trying out some casual cosplay, waiting hours in line at Star Wars Land, or having a Star Wars marathon with friends and family. Although we are now limited in what we can do, there are still ways you can celebrate at home.

You can also celebrate in business by taking cues from the franchise and compare storylines to your remote work life. Just like the galaxies constantly change in unexpected ways, so has your work environment. Rebel forces had to be flexible and move around to evade the Empire from attacking them. And they needed to share information with their fighter pilots so they could destroy the Death Star.   

Currently, a lot of people are working from home due to this unexpected pandemic. Many businesses have been affected in ways that they didn’t prepare for – particularly for work environments anywhere outside of the office. So how do you create a non-disruptive work environment despite outside forces – good or evil?   

Take a page from the Rebels and determine ways you can be nimble and proactive in assuring your business is able to continue, even in the worst situations. You can start by implementing DocLink, which will enable your company to become a digital business so your team can access necessary documents and data as though they’re in the office. 

Going paperless is key to your company working remotely, and DocLink enables working in any galaxy, at any time, delivering:   

Most importantly, DocLink can be implemented remotely, so you don’t have to wait until current Stay-at-Home orders are lifted. 

With the right resources, you can spend your time efficiently and effectively no matter where you are. Take today to celebrate a franchise that has shaped our culture for decades. Watch throwback movies, make a Star Wars-themed dinner tonight, and contact us today to start your digital transformation.