Meet Sales Director Tiffany Campbell – Part II

(This is Part II of an interview with Sales Director Tiffany Campbell.  If you missed Part I, you can read it here.)

Tiffany Campbell joined Altec in January 2015 and covers the Northeast region and Arizona. 

What does document management solutions mean to you?

As I mentioned earlier, when I think of document management, I think of a company going paperless. I believe in going green, and with DocLink, we’re allowing companies to go green and save green $$!

What do you find most rewarding in your role?

Being able to work with the people I do, internally and externally. I’m excited to continue the existing relationships I have and then build new ones too.

Do you have any upcoming trips or events?

Yes, I do. I’m headed to Microsoft Convergence in March—so I will be in Atlanta then. In April, I’ll be at Sage Inspire in New York.  

Leaving Altec behind for a minute, can you share with us some of your hobbies?

I enjoy athletic activities, I love to run, and I do CrossFit daily (I always have torn up hands and random bruises all over my body). If someone shakes my hand and wonders why I feel like an eight-year-old boy who’s been playing in the sand, it’s because of CrossFit.

Any guilty pleasures?

I wake up at 4am most mornings to watch shows like Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards (I am kind of a “series junkie”). I record them, get up at 4am, make myself a shake and cup of coffee, and watch one of the episodes before I go for my morning run.

That’s awesome, especially because some people say they don’t have time for TV.

I make time! When someone asks how I watch my shows, work, and run every day, I say it’s because I start my day at 4am! I do go to bed most nights before 9 pm, so I am not the bionic woman.

How do you spend your weekends?

On the weekends, I am consumed with soccer. I have two kids. My daughter is 11 and my son is 8; both play year-round club soccer. My weekends are usually spent in a lawn chair on random soccer fields throughout the valley or in the Southwest. And if I’m not doing that, I’m doing a Ragnar Relay (like the one I just did a few weeks ago) or some other race locally.

Do you have any goals for 2015?

Again, to develop the channel and add to the success of the Northeast territory and Arizona.

Do you have a message for readers?

I just want to say I’m excited to be with Altec. I think it’s a great company, and I think it’s comprised of talented, intelligent and very innovative people. I’m excited to be here!

If you’d like to get in touch with Tiffany, do not hesitate to reach her at 1.800.997.9921×1462 and/or tiffanycampbell(at) (She’ll be at Microsoft Convergence next week, so stop by Booth #422 to say hi!)