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Altec Launches DocLink 3.3: Delivers More Comprehensive Automation, Access and Visibility to Help Companies on Their Digital Transformation Journey

New capabilities of DocLink 3.3 provide customers with significant time and cost savings

Laguna Hills, CA – April 18, 2018 – Altec, a leader in enterprise document management and process automation solutions, today announced the release of DocLink 3.3 that provides significant enhancements allowing customers to connect their people, processes and data beyond the accounting department to other parts of their enterprise.  With DocLink 3.3, users can leverage these new capabilities to better manage their company’s data in HR, legal, sales and IT for faster decision-making.

DocLink 3.3 now boasts full-text search capabilities, which allows users to find documents based on the actual content of the document.  Unlike transactional content (like purchase orders, invoices or sales orders), it’s extremely difficult to index documents like legal briefs, marketing copy or resumes with all the relevant metadata that might be used to find those docs.  Full-text search solves this problem and gives users a new option for expanding DocLink throughout the organization.

Ted Hoffman, Senior Business Analyst and IT Infrastructure for Power Line Supply, stated, “The upgrade process went very smooth – we installed DocLink 3.3, setup the system, copied the data over, tested things out, made a few tweaks and it worked.  Full text search is amazing– the ability to now find documents based on all of the content within that document will certainly save us time in many facets of our business, such as with contracts.  And barcodes are now much easier to administer, being able to reuse the same source file has simplified this process significantly for us.  We’re long-time DocLink users and continue to experience significant value from the solution.”

Barcodes are now easier to capture and configure with DocLink 3.3.  Manufacturing or distribution companies, for example, who rely heavily on barcodes, will find DocLink 3.3 a significant time saver, minimizing errors and key strokes by being able to automatically capture specific index data with a simple barcode scan in the office, out in the field or on the shop floor.

Lori Corbino, Customer Care Manager for Altec recently experienced the power of DocLink 3.3 internally when she was trying to reconcile customer contracts stored in DocLink with a report from a partner.  Corbino commented, “Companies are always changing names due to mergers and acquisitions, or their DBA is different than their legal entity, so matching the two in our system could take hours to complete.  But recently using DocLink’s full-text search, this process took mere minutes!  We were thrilled to see for ourselves the value DocLink can deliver.”

“DocLink traditionally starts in the automation of transactional processes in AP, but companies want these same capabilities throughout their organization, and DocLink’s robust features are able to deliver,” stated Merri Jo Cleair, Product Manager for Altec.  “Full-text search is just one facet of DocLink that enables customers to expand beyond core transactional content to garner the similar cost and time savings they have experienced in AP in other departments throughout their organization.”

Also new in DocLink 3.3 are enhancements in Event & Data Manager, Smart Form Toolkit, Output Manager and more.

DocLink 3.3 is globally available immediately through the company’s channel of ISV alliance partners, ERP consultants, and software resellers.

About Altec

Altec is a leading provider of integrated document management and process automation solutions.  Its flagship product, DocLink, helps companies connect people, processes and data providing them with the ability to store, search, retrieve and send any document securely. DocLink effectively eliminates the need for paper while automating processes that improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs associated with human errors.  With thousands of customers globally, Altec enjoys collaborative partnerships with Sage, Microsoft, Acumatica, Intacct, Key2Act, SAP B1, AmTech, and Epicor that deliver flexible, comprehensive solutions to adapt to an ever-changing global market.  Learn more at

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