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Altec Educating CS3 Technology Customers About How to Go Paperless and Automate Processes in AP and Beyond During User Group Meeting

DocLink provides companies with greater access and visibility to their data while reducing processing times for invoices, expense reports, resumes, contracts, sales orders and more

 Laguna Hills, CA – March 18, 2021 – Altec, a leader in enterprise document management and process automation solutions, will be showcasing its DocLink solution today during CS3 Technology’s SmartTalk User Group meeting focused on how customers can extend and enhance the value of their Acumatica and Sage ERP solutions.

Altec Sales Director Tony Choquehuanca will present how DocLink can help companies go paperless to digitally manage their documents, and automate manual tasks in AP and other departments. With the ability to store, search, retrieve and send any document securely by eliminating paper and automating processes, DocLink allows companies to increase efficiency of their in-office and remote workforce.

Choquehuanca stated, “Many employers have decided to continue offering flexibility when it comes to where their employees work. This means that every department – from accounting to HR to legal – needs to be able to communicate, collaborate, and work efficiently from anywhere. DocLink can help attendees manage their documents and business processes more efficiently. For instance, DocLink significantly reduces invoice processing time in AP, can enable you to manage documents for your entire onboarding process in HR, allow the legal department to find any contract in seconds, and so much more. I look forward to helping CS3 customers discover how to spend less time managing their data and gain improved efficiency, visibility and control in all aspects of their businesses.”

About Altec

Altec’s document management and process automation solution DocLink helps companies connect their people, processes and data by automating tasks in accounts payable and beyond into other enterprise departments.  DocLink enables companies to digitally transform their operation, improving productivity and ultimately saving companies significant time and money.  Thousands of companies globally use DocLink on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.  Altec enjoys strong, collaborative partnerships with ERP providers including Microsoft, Sage, Acumatica, AmTech, Key2Act, Epicor, and SAP B1.  Learn more at

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