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Altec Launches DocLink 4.0 for Easier Paperless Operations – Provides Greater Flexibility and Quicker Deployment

DocLink’s full browser-based web client and new Data Gateway enables companies to implement automation in AP and other departments more quickly and easily

Laguna Hills, CA – January 12, 2021 – Altec, a leader in enterprise document management and process automation solutions, today announced availability of DocLink 4.0, a major release delivering two important milestones that will greatly benefit customers. DocLink 4.0 now boasts a full browser-based web client eliminating individual system support, while the new Data Gateway enables rapid DocLink Cloud deployment with integration to legacy on-premise ERPs.

DocLink customer Ted Kraje, IT Systems Engineer for OrthoVirginia commented, “We participated in the controlled release of DocLink 4.0 and it’s been a smooth and seamless transition. The full web client is tremendous, most everyone in our organization is using it now instead of the Smart Client. It has made IT’s job so much easier not to have to install the client, we simply provide the DocLink URL and they are connected and working instantaneously. We’ve been using Doclink for over 3 years and the benefits we’ve experienced have been huge. We’re a much more efficient organization now that everyone can access the documents they need no matter where they are, and DocLink 4.0 has made it even easier to use with many of our employees continuing to work from home.”

DocLink 4.0 Data Gateway

DocLink 4.0 now allows you to easily migrate to DocLink Cloud, while your current screen integrations and GL Smart Form can continue operating with your legacy on-premise ERP.  This provides your organization with the flexibility in how you deploy DocLink with the ability to move your systems to cloud one step at a time. New DocLink users can maintain all their on-premise systems but start moving to cloud with DocLink 4.0. Current users can migrate their DocLink system to the cloud while also continuing to utilize their legacy on-premise ERPs.

Cherry Williamson, Partner of Emerald TC and Altec partner, commented, “We’ve been very successful with DocLink over the years due to its strong ERP integrations and exceptional enterprise capabilities. We’ve helped countless customers go paperless and realize significant benefits in AP and other departments. Altec continues to deliver a high-value solution that enables companies to be more effective. These new capabilities in DocLink 4.0 make it a compelling option for our customers looking to take their first steps towards implementing a cloud infrastructure.”

Don Howren, President and COO for Altec stated, “Before the pandemic, most companies still preferred to utilize on-premise solutions. As a result of ongoing lockdowns, there is a greater emphasis on business continuity and the ability to work virtually. Naturally, interest in cloud is increasing exponentially because these systems are better suited to address current organizational needs, but cloud can be daunting to many. DocLink inherently supports remote work in its ability to eliminate paper and streamline processes in every department. Now with DocLink 4.0 companies have far more flexibility. They can decide how and at what pace they can deploy their cloud solutions, and also where their employees work. The past year has changed how companies need to operate, and we’re pleased that this newest version of DocLink can help them pivot their operations successfully.”

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 Altec’s document management and process automation solution DocLink helps companies connect their people, processes and data by automating tasks in accounts payable and beyond into other enterprise departments.  DocLink enables companies to digitally transform their operations, improving productivity and ultimately saving companies significant time and money.  Thousands of companies globally use DocLink on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.  Altec enjoys strong, collaborative partnerships with ERP providers including Microsoft, Sage, Acumatica, AmTech, Key2Act, Epicor, and SAP B1.  Learn more at


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