Say YES to AP Automation in the Cloud

Does your company have a cloud strategy and/or started to move their systems to the cloud? Odds are the answer is yes, since 94% of companies used cloud services in 2022.

So how does your AP department fit into your company’s cloud plans?

As one of the most document burdened departments in a company, you’re always looking for new and innovative technologies to drive efficiencies in your operations and processes, and research shows that cloud might be your next step:

  • Cloud Industry Forum research states almost all their respondents (96%) said cloud has saved their organization money.
  • Zippia research reports companies are seeing operational improvements as early as a few months after adoption. And the size of the company didn’t matter, as small startups AND large corporations and everything in between have all seen benefits from cloud.

But you can’t make the jump to cloud without beginning your digital transformation journey. And this is where DocLink excels as the catalyst to help companies eliminate paper – there’s no need to manually process and physically stored these documents in AP, and any department.

With DocLink’s powerful digital repository, you can capture and store any document from invoices and POs to contracts, employee files and more.

Beyond that you can search and retrieve these documents on any device because previously manual processes, such as invoice approvals, are automated and streamlined with powerful workflow and document processing capabilities. Ultimately, DocLink increases productivity and collaboration and reduces errors by helping you manage the entire lifecycle of your critical documents and data.

Cloud Migration Options with DocLink

As for cloud migration – DocLink can help you with that too. With DocLink you have the flexibility to migrate to the cloud at your pace. DocLink can be implemented both on-premise and in the cloud, and offers seamless integrations with both legacy and cloud ERPs. For example, some customers:

  • have found that taking the step to implement DocLink Cloud with their on-premise ERP is a successful strategy, allowing them to start their cloud migration for specific needs.
  • are comfortable keeping DocLink on-premise while their company moves their ERP infrastructure to the cloud.

For instance, if your company is using Dynamics GP, you know that Microsoft will not be offering significant future technology or capability advances as they focus on their cloud D365 Business Central offering instead. DocLink supports both Dynamics GP and D365 Business Central, so migrating or implementing DocLink in the cloud before moving to D365 Business Central could be a simple way to start shifting your systems to the cloud.

Whether your organization wants to move everything to cloud ASAP or needs time to make a gradual transition, DocLink can work with your on-prem or cloud ERP, providing you the flexibility with multiple deployment options.

Just know that cloud computing is no longer if, but when, so make sure your AP department’s documents and processes are part of your company’s cloud strategy in 2023. Contact us today to discuss further how DocLink can help you with your digital transformation journey.