We’ve Changed Work Locations – But The Work Hasn’t Changed

In our current world of social distancing, face masks and difficulty finding toilet paper, we’re all intensely aware of what has changed both personally and professionally. Like most companies, Altec changed overnight to a remote workforce, sending employees home with their families to stay safe and healthy. But many things didn’t change, in part because of the company’s use of our own DocLink solution.

We’ve been able to, fairly seamlessly, continue operations as a ‘digital business’ to support our customers. DocLink has been instrumental in allowing everyone in the company to do their jobs from home. For instance:

  • We continue to receive electronic invoices, and with DocLink we’ve been able to manage them with automatic workflows.  We can issue payments, allow GL coding outside the ERP, and route it through workflow for approvals and payment. 
  • Staff continue submitting expense reports, albeit for different items than before (ie remote office items), and managers can approve them immediately.
  • We receive the corporate credit card bill which is disbursed by DocLink to department managers who received relevant charges via workflow for coding. 
  • The customer success team was automatically alerted about a large customer contract that was due for renewal.  We were able to collaborate on changes with other team members and quickly send it to the customer. 

Most importantly, we haven’t changed our interactions, only in the way that it’s done. Using Microsoft Teams has enabled us to continue visual internal communications. Our staff has actually found it a more personal experience getting to see each other’s kids, spouses and pets during these interactions! And other online video conferencing platforms have allowed us to stay connected with our customers and partners as well.

If your company is having issues maintaining business continuity with your new remote workforce, we can get you up and running on DocLink remotely.

  • Check out our website for more information about DocLink
  • Visit our YouTube page for videos
  • Contact Altec to discuss your unique situation with one of our experts.