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3.2.1 DocLink Web Client Gets Showcased at Advanced Administrator Training

Last Week, DocLink power users attended our DocLink Advanced Administrator Training at Brandman University in Irvine, CA to get a deeper look at their DocLink system. DocLink Advanced Administrator Training is a four day training session which includes lecture, real-life examples, and hands-on labs led by Cathy Champlin, Customer Support Manager and John Claiborne, Senior Consultant.

DocLink power users received intense training on all DocLink modules such as Smart Form Toolkit, Workflow, Event Manager, Barcode, Web Client, etc. In addition to lecture and live demos, they were also given VMs to copy and handouts where they were able to participate in exercises.

Aside from the obvious benefit of in-depth training – attendees also got opportunity to look at other modules that they might not have, and the chance to get first looks at DocLink’s newest features and releases.

“This group was the first to get trained on 3.2.1 DocLink Web Client which includes a new web UI incorporating usability feedback from customers and the added functionality to create, edit and burn GL Smart Forms,” said Cathy Champlin, Altec.

Gary Livak, Delta Dental Plan of Missouri said “Every area was effective, even the ones we currently don’t use.”

If you’re a customer and want to expand your DocLink knowledge, be sure to join us for our next DocLink Advanced Administrator Training on November 6 – 9.