What the First Day of Fall Means To Finance/Accounting Professionals

Today we say goodbye to summer as tomorrow signals the Autumnal equinox for 2017, or the first day of fall. While the weather might not change immediately, September 22nd marks the astronomical start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It will also be the moment when day and night are about the same length of time.

For many of us this means that the holiday season is almost upon us, filled with pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and we are excited at the prospect of all the friend and family gatherings filling our calendars. However, fall is also the last breathing space that financial professionals get before that dreaded season called…dun, dun dun…audit and tax season.

If you’re in the finance/accounting department, you’re looking at long days and nights preparing your company’s files. But what if your part of the audit and tax process wasn’t as time-intensive as in previous years?

Enter DocLink. Many companies see immediate benefits by going paperless in their AP, AR, HR, payroll and contracts management. But the area in which having DocLink in place has been substantially appreciated is auditing. Hours-and days-long searching and organizing now takes minutes with DocLink. Documents such as packing slips, invoices, and other relevant information can be found quickly and easily.

SmartCity, a DocLink user attests to this, stating, “It used to take anywhere from several hours to an entire day to search through paper files but all needed documents can now be retrieved in as little as 30 minutes.”

So if you’re in finance/accounting, wouldn’t you like to enjoy the holidays and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING like everyone else, instead of bah humbugging what is coming in January?

Checkout Smart City’s success story and contact us to find out how DocLink can help your company go paperless and streamline your auditing processes.