Altec employees come out with a BANG on Halloween!

On Thursday, October 31, Altec flew high with our annual Halloween celebration. Our theme for this year was “Superheroes and Supervillains”, with our Laguna Hills and Tacoma offices conquering the world with their amazing costumes!

After having a delicious lunch and raffle, our two offices were able to video conference each other and show off our costumes for our annual costume contest. From Disney Villains to the Avengers to Super Moms, Altec did not fail to save the day.

Although all of the costumes were amazing, the judges had to come to a consensus and the 2019 Altec Costume Contest winners were…


Scariest: Super Donald Trump, also known as Kevin Dudevoir

Funniest: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, also known as Cathy Champlin and Merri Jo

Most Creative: 50 Shades of Gray, also known as Harrison Boles

Best Group: Cruella Deville and 4 Dalmations, also known as Marketing (April, Sari, Lauren, Caitlin, Yvon)

Best Interpretation of the Theme: Avengers, also known as PSG (Levi, Henry, John, Jessica, Vee, Joe)

People’s Choice Award: Pennywise, also known as Linda Turner

Excited to see what costumes Altec can come up with next year!