Altec Highlighted DocLink’s Remote Capabilities at AcuCONNECT

We kicked off November participating in the virtual AcuCONNECT conference last week and enjoyed interacting with Acumatica customers and other partners online! The group acu-connect did an excellent job fostering an ‘education before selling’ environment with a variety of educational sessions and networking opportunities to help Acumatica customers and partners learn about all the extended solutions, like DocLink, available to them.

The dynamic duo of Perri Lynn Silkwood, Sales Director and Mark Whitbeck, Senior Sales Engineer presented, “Extend the Value of Acumatica – Automate AP & Beyond,” at a very well-attended and lively session. Peri Lynn and Mark provided session attendees with specific business cases that users might be facing in our current Work-From-Home (WFH) environments. Attendees enjoyed their back and forth interchange, bouncing ideas off of each other, in addition to the quick DocLink demo at the end.

The Altec team also enjoyed chatting with Acumatica users at our booth, learning about their business pains and sharing how DocLink can help them go paperless and automate process throughout their organizations. An overlying theme to these discussions was their interest in learning about DocLink’s inherent remote capabilities. We were able to showcase several customer experiences during the initial COVID quarantine and how easily they transitioned their employees to work from home earlier this year. By enabling companies to create electronic routing workflows and allowing employees to access, review, and approve documents from anywhere, DocLink has been essential to them during the pandemic.

Peri Lynn stated, “For instance, one Doclink user was able to transition 100% of the company to working remotely almost instantaneously – they commented that they practically snapped their fingers and it was done. And everyone continues to successfully work remote today. It’s made it very easy for them to maintain their business during this unprecedented time.”

The acu-connect team took great effort to help everyone network virtually with their speed dating activities. Attendees were matched up with other like-minded attendees for individual Zoom sessions, and we found this creative method of engagement quite helpful and successful. “Normally at these events you have so many opportunities to meet and chat with new people, and that’s one thing I’ve definitely been missing attending virtual conferences,” said Peri Lynn. “But this speed dating was fabulous, you simply had to press the button and you were connected with someone, randomly, for a chat. It was really fun and informative.”

We look forward to seeing everyone we met in person at next year’s Acumatica Summit May 16-21, 2021 in Las Vegas. But if you’d like to know more about DocLink now, contact us today for a discussion and demo.