Document Management can Help Your Company AND the Environment

America Recycles Day is an important initiative put together by Keep America Beautiful, which celebrates recycling across the United States. Here at Altec, we are passionate about eliminating paper and the positive impacts it has on businesses. Paper accounts for 25% of trash generated each year, more than any other material. And according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, printing and writing paper typically found in a school or office environment comprises the largest category of paper product consumption and landfill waste.

In addition to being wasteful, paper has become a pain in the business world – file cabinets filled with paper take up office space, storage facilities filled with paper waste capital, and manual, paper-based processes prohibit employee effectiveness. With technical advancements and document management tools available today, there is no excuse for companies to continue to rely paper.

Solutions like DocLink help manage documents throughout their entire lifecycle, allowing companies to completely eliminate paper. The business benefits are tangible, and the environmental impact is huge. So, how exactly does DocLink help eliminate paper? With:

  • A variety of capture methods to get documents into DocLink
  • Its central repository for digital storage of business-critical data
  • Workflow capabilities to route documents electronically and simplify approvals
  • Easy search and retrieval to quickly locate documents
  • Automatic document distribution to customers, partners, etc.

While it is important for companies to be accountable and implement green initiatives at a large scale, there are also easy things you can do every day to help support the cause. This year to celebrate America Recycles Day this Sunday, November 15th, think about ways that you can help reduce, reuse and recycle materials you use. Even small efforts make a big difference:

  • Look for volunteer opportunities in your community
  • Email instead of printing/sending paper by mail
  • Properly recycle your paper, plastic, glass, and other common recyclables
  • Utilize reusable water bottles and coffee mugs
  • Donate to recycling organizations or community improvement programs

If you are looking to learn how DocLink can support your company’s green initiatives, read how our customer Smart City used DocLink to “go green”. Contact us to get rid of all your paper today, but make sure you recycle it properly!