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Altec Joins Epicor as a Premier Sponsor of the 2014 Epicor User Summits

There has been a wave of Epicor User Summits taking place across the country, and we are proud to announce that Altec is a premier sponsor of these events. The complimentary day-long user events are designed exclusively for Epicor customers and have been providing invaluable tools and tips to maximize their Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to reap even greater growth, productivity and profitability.

Attendees of these events will discover useful functionality and practical tips about Epicor ERP version 10 and learn inspiring stories from Epicor ERP customers. Participants will even have a chance to meet and speak with Altec sales directors, as we are sending members of our team to each of the ten cities throughout North America.

Tony Choquehuanca, Altec Sales Director for the Midwest, has been enjoying the three Midwest events (check out his photos on our Twitter!). He stresses their importance, commenting, “The user summits offer a wealth of resources and industry insights for Epicor customers. Epicor ERP solutions are already streamlined and easy to use but these one-day events are especially advantageous because they inspire creative and innovative ways to utilize the software to grow businesses.”

To learn more and read the press release, click here.