Keep Your Company on Track This Summer

As summertime ramps up and your coworkers head out on vacation or for some sun, you may notice more empty desks around the office. Often, days missed translates to deadlines missed or overdue invoices—a recent study by the Captivate Network found that workplace productivity drops a whole 20 percent during the summer months—but that does not have to be the case with a document management solution in place. With such software, coworkers can sign and approve documents from the web or from their mobile devices. This way, a document doesn’t have to sit around waiting, eventually getting buried and lost under other projects. Some document management software even have the ability to create electronic forms from anywhere. Users can do so with customizable windows that facilitate the creation, indexing and retrieval of documents, even the structuring of business processes and workflows, further increasing efficiencies in and out of the office.

Companies that go paperless are often surprised to discover just how much time was wasted before the transition. They easily foresaw that some time would be regained after eliminating paper documents: employees would no longer have to rummage through file cabinets, searching for elusive documents, nor would they have to spend time meticulously filing these documents, making sure that such disappearances won’t happen in the future. But companies don’t realize how often employees have to wait around whenever someone is out, losing sight of deadlines and goals. These lulls in productivity don’t have to be a common workplace occurrence, even now during the summer. Consider going paperless with a document management solution tailored to your company’s needs. Think about how nice it would be to always stay ahead of your timeline. With a simple click, you could stamp your signature of approval on an important document and send it on to the next person, all from the beach.