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5 Quotes from Customers Who Are Thankful for Document Management

This weekend, most will spend time expressing gratitude for good friends, family and health. If your company or department uses an integrated document management solution, some of that gratitude might be directed towards the document management software, perhaps because it saves your company money and time, keeps confidential documents secure, increases business process efficiency, automates filing, simplifies document retrieval, reduces time wasted and allows your department to perform at full capacity, to name a few examples.

The following 5 quotes are from customers in a variety of industries who have experienced and are grateful for the benefits of going paperless:

1. Director, Accounting Systems for Hotel Management Group: “[Our document management solution] saves about $40,000 in annual FedEx charges.”

2. Head of Finance for Travel Company: “We have not lost a single document since implementation, and we know where all invoices are within the workflow.”

3. General Manager, Finance for Mechanical Services Business: “With payback in less than a year, [our solution] has an excellent return for a software solution. I wish our other investments had this type of return.”

4. Director of Accounting for Outpatient Medical Imaging Facility: “The auditing process is so much easier and faster now. It’s pretty incredible.”

5. Director of Accounting for Telephone Electronics Corporation: “Our only regret is that we didn’t implement this five years ago.”

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If you don’t have a powerful document management solution to be thankful for, don’t fret! Consider researching software with the assistance of these 3 considerations or give us a call so you too can share the joys of document management.