Success Stories

Global Flavor Manufacturing Company Decreases Time Spent on AR Invoices by 90%

Integrated document management affects companies across a broad spectrum of industries: from technology to manufacturing organizations, we’ve described how document management solutions change workplaces for the better, here.

One recent success story falls under the Food & Beverage category and belongs to American Fruits and Flavors. Founded in 1962, the organization provides companies and retailers with the flavors used in food products and beverage manufacturing. As American Fruits and Flavors began to grow rapidly, an entire trailer was needed to store paper for the Accounts Receivable (AR) department alone. And since the company did not have a central repository, Accounts Payable (AP) and AR employees continued to duplicate documents—all on paper. Staff realized they needed to automate processes and reduce the use of paper in their offices.

After reaching out to their ERP partner for a solution recommendation, American Fruits and Flavors discovered DocLink. Guidance from their partner and analysis of business processes preceded implementation of DocLink in both the AP and AR departments. Now, important business processes are automated, the amount of time spent on AR invoices has been cut down by 90% and business has flourished without the need to add extra staff.

If your AP and/or AR departments are bogged down by paper, consider an integrated document management solution. Paperless departments are freed from everyday bottlenecks, allowing for greater productivity. Like American Fruits and Flavors, you too can maximize your time and money, fostering business growth.

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