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Altec Customer Experiences a Quick ROI, Witnessing Unparalleled Growth and Business Expansion

Altec provides comprehensive solutions that serve more than 13,000 customers in a variety of vertical markets. Our “paper to paperless” solutions include Integrated Document Management, output management, MICR check disbursement and paper documents. You can easily review these customers’ success stories here. The page is new and improved and showcases how document management solutions have grown business while saving money and time for countless organizations in various industries.

Pinsly Railroad is one of the oldest short line railroads in the U.S. and serves more than 200 customers. The company was routing 5,000 invoices per year between offices in Massachusetts, Florida and Arkansas, and some invoices would change hands up to five times during the approval process prior to being mailed to the main office. Then, once approved, invoices were stored in filing cabinets, where they were sometimes damaged or misplaced. The process was inefficient and expensive.

Pinsly Railroad chose to solve this paper problem with Altec’s PaperlessPLUS integrated document management solution. PaperlessPLUS now provides a secure electronic repository for invoices, automates and expedites the approval process and increases expense visibility and accountability. The organization had anticipated a seven-year ROI on the PaperlessPLUS project, but with their time, space and personnel savings, Pinsly Railroad now expects a five-year ROI.

Jonathon Deich, Staff Accountant, comments, “[PaperlessPLUS] has been a very worthwhile addition to what we do. It has made our lives more manageable, efficient and accessible.”

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