“Did You Know…?” Solution: Healthcare Reimbursements

Did you know that you could automate reimbursements in healthcare with DocLink?

There are a plethora of reasons why your healthcare business would need to process claims and reimbursements for patients. Perhaps their insurance overpaid or did not cover the service at the time leading to double payment (once from the insurance and once from the patient). Whatever the situation, you now have to send out a reimbursement which can be an arduous, tedious process because it is handled manually.

Let’s talk about how to automate this through the power of DocLink: our Smart Forms can help you get started. These configurable forms are flexible and able to meet you where you need it; build out the forms with us to hit every single point of your business process that requires manageable information. Create one to handle reimbursement claims – once your client fills out the form, the information will be ingested into DocLink and can be routed automatically for approval from your managers.

Once approved and entered into your Accounting system, the data can be used to fill in a medical reimbursement letter with personal information that matches all of your customer’s details. Details such as patient name, facility of service, reason for reimbursement and the amount will be generated from the Smart Form rather than be privy to human error during manual input. If that’s not one way to make your customer feel paid attention to, we’re not sure what it is! After all, you know how disheartening it is to see your name misspelled by your service provider.

With the details all set, DocLink can then leverage Output Manager to push all of the information and associated documents out in any format your customer wants. Voila – easy reimbursements!