“Did You Know…?” Solution: Subscription Delivery

Did you know that you can automate the delivery of content with DocLink?

Our solution isn’t only about storing documents digitally; it really boils down to data and content management when it comes to DocLink and its capabilities. With all the different ways that our solution can play with information and the robustness of its features, I had to ask you our “Did you know…?” question.

We talk about our flexible and configurable Smart Form Toolkit quite frequently but for very good reason. To be as compatible with your specific business needs and processes as possible, our Smart Forms can be built to match every bit and piece you want to work with and track for your incoming data. Our team works with you to determine what all those wants and needs are, and the opportunities to leverage its power are endless. Take for example the ability for a Smart Form to guide the delivery of subscription content for your customers.

DocLink doesn’t only work with typical “document” files. For example, if you are a music distributor, you can manage .mp3s with ease. Use a Smart Form to set up a subscription form that allows your subscribers to fill in music genres of interest and bands they enjoy. This information can then be pushed into the system and used to select which songs to send your subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (based on preference) which is emailed using our Output Manager. At the end of the month, DocLink can automatically generate an invoice for the content consumed and bill the subscriber. This scenario may outline audio files here but imagine what other type of content you can push out to your customers!