Bring on the Audit: How Document Management Makes Auditing Easy

It’s hard to believe we’ve entered the next tax season. Some might argue that the secret to an easy audit is to ensure that you don’t get audited! And for some of you, this season will be smooth. Others have dealt with the hassle of audits in the past and might have to again. Why not be proactive and make things easier for yourself now, no matter which category you fall into?

Audits are time-consuming: they take you away from the tasks you and your employees should focus on while you instead search for required backup documentation. If your files are stored in cabinets or boxes, warehouses, office locations across the country or hidden in a maze of computer folders, that search will not be quick. What if a file is never found? What if a document has been damaged?

When you store your files in an integrated document management system, you don’t have to worry about searching for lost files. Your employees can instantly access documents in an electronic repository from any location. Rest assured that this easy access to critical documents doesn’t mean low security. In fact, security filters can be set on multiple levels. Plus, you can view a detailed history of each file: which user did what action and when it occurred, etc. By employing these document management tools, you ensure that your documents are safe and that they can be easily accessed and collected in a matter of minutes – ready to give to your auditor.

Just hand your auditor a flashdrive or CD, loaded with the exact files you want from a specified date range. With this functionality, auditors won’t have access to files they don’t need to see, getting them out of your office much quicker! One Altec customer, a Director of Accounting for an Outpatient Medical Imaging Facility, commented, “The auditing process is so much easier and faster now. It’s pretty incredible.”

Auditing doesn’t need to bog your team down; prepare ahead of time by investing in the proper integrated document management solution and you will never have to worry about the hassle of an audit!

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