Can’t Find Data When You Need It? Try Document Management.

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No matter where your organization is based, what industry it’s in, or what department you are part of, you are likely experiencing one business problem plaguing employees ’round the globe: inability to access company data when you need it. Even with a file share, information between office locations, departments, and coworkers is rarely found immediately (or easily).

And when that data is stored on paper documents – filed away in cabinets or even off-site – visibility drops further and the time and money required to find that information skyrockets. Say a customer of yours calls asking for a particular record, could you quickly pull it up while on the phone? What if you’re out of the office: how hard is it to access your own files, paper or electronic?

Integrated document management is the solution to the aforementioned problems. With a document management system in place, you will be able to capture and index documents of any kind from anywhere. This will allow you and your coworkers to search for and retrieve those files, see related and supporting documents, utilize configurable automated workflow processes, and output documents.

The key to eliminating those silos of business data is integration. A document management solution integrated to your ERP system will not only prevent common accessibility issues but also enable your organization to improve processes and grow. Seamless integration between a document management solution and ERP minimizes keystrokes and manual error as information flows between the two systems. With that strong integration, your documents can be directly accessed from your document management repository, from within ERP windows, and also through your web client or mobile device, making your life and the lives of your coworkers much nicer.

Ready to forget about the struggle to access workplace information? Stop wasting time hunting down data, and talk to us today.