Give Yourself Extra Time This Summer: Go Paperless

Can you believe it’s officially summertime? The summer solstice occurred yesterday, June 20th, here in the northern hemisphere and the same question echoed throughout offices ’round the nation: How will you spend the extra daylight?

Many make it a point to make the most of the sunlight on that particular day each year by heading outside to barbecue, go to the beach or spend time at the park. For some, the extra daylight is a gift, granting people the opportunity to spend their days how they wish, doing activities they might not normally have the chance to do.

What about work? If you had “more time in a day” to work on important office tasks, how would you spend the extra time?

DocLink document management can give you that extra time. DocLink stores files in a central repository where they can be easily accessed at any time from any device. With DocLink, business process bottlenecks are not only removed but automated workflow makes processes faster, better and more efficient.

One Altec customer, for instance, was routing 5,000 invoices per year, sending massive volumes of paper to three different locations in the United States. Invoices changed hands up to five times, were sometimes lost and often sat untouched on desks for long periods of time. One individual even spent two hours every week simply filing paper.

Looking for a solution to their paper volume problem, the customer began to research document management. They found and implemented DocLink. DocLink took advantage of automated workflow to increase business efficiency and fully remove several steps from the tedious approval process. With the extra time given back to employees, the organization was able to reposition personnel to completely new roles created by the expanding business!

So… how would you spend the extra time? On more productive tasks? Getting out of the office to catch some sun? For more information or to review how going paperless could affect your organization, let us know.